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Is this how Josh will play hijacked Peeta? Ugh.


I can already tell he’s going to own that part.

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"95 percent of his character is this attachment to the person that he loves and the trauma that he is going through."
- Francis Lawrence on Finnick Odair’s character arc in Mockingjay (via she-crept-up-on-him)

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Anonymous said: Do you think katniss has always loved peeta but she was just confused? Or does she start to love him mid-catching fire/mockingjay?


This is an interesting question.

I think she’s always noticed him, even had feelings for him. When she’s reaped in the first Games, her emotions are so conflicting because she feels trust, affection and attraction to Peeta—but she’s supposed to kill him. So, there’s this tension of wanting to trust him and feeling steadied by him, but she’s really not supposed to. With the tainting of the Games, the manipulation of the audience and sponsors, she’s feeling conflicted as to what she feels towards him. I believe that all her feelings in the arena, in the cave and after the Games are true, real emotions of affection, infatuation and movement towards love. 

I believe that she does truly begin to love him in Catching Fire. She’s discovering exactly what that means in the Victory Tour, the Cheese Buns time, the Training Center time (with the roof), all the way up through the Games where she confesses it aloud to him that she needs him. For Katniss, I think that’s more powerful than saying, “I love you.” For her to need someone, she has to express and show vulnerability in love, in trust and in herself. I don’t see her saying that she needs anyone else in her life. Needing someone is also what she truly fears—loving someone so much that if they died, they would leave you broken and affected. She doesn’t want to need someone, but she needs Peeta.

The key moments of Katniss showing she loves Peeta:

  • Yelling out his name in HG.
  • The quote: It’s not about the sponsors….
  • Working hard to get him home to D12.
  • Her constantly noticing him.
  • When she chooses to sacrifice herself for him in the conversation with Haymitch.
  • Them in the Training Center together. The touching, the need to be with each other in every moment.
  • The forcefield death.
  • The beach kiss
  • The morning after the beach kiss…which, I think, is very telling.
  • After they’re separated.
  • Mockingjay—she basically pines over Peeta, mourns Peeta, needs Peeta. Read it again if you didn’t get that. Read it again.

Katniss’s life was built to fall in love with Peeta—from the bread to their toasting. Every turn her life took, he was there or a part of it. So, did she feel love in The Hunger Games? Yes. Did she truly understand it then? No. Let’s just say, that’s when she started falling for him….

But isn’t that love? We don’t know the exact moment we love someone. It’s a process and a story. 


“I brush the damp blond strands of hair back from his forehead, finding the pulse drumming against my fingers at his neck.”


I brush the damp blond strands of hair back from his forehead, finding the pulse drumming against my fingers at his neck.”

every everlark scene  cf | peeta suggests looking after gale

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I smell fresh bread and turn my stiff neck to find Peeta looking down at me with such a sad expression. I get the sense that he’s been watching us awhile. (…) I see the loaves of bread on the counter in the pale, snowy morning light. The blue shadows under his eyes. I wonder if he slept at all. Couldn’t have been long.

"Sunset. I can see it immediately, the rim of the descending sun, the sky streaked with soft shades of orange. Beautiful."


Catching Fire, p52

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